Gabrielle Widjaja

is a designer based in Brooklyn, NYC. She is currently a brand designer at Airtable.

Brand Design Internship

JUN—AUG 2018

I was on the Brand & Communications team and worked various consumer-facing brand assets as well as materials for internal company use.

Stripe Communities

The first project I worked on was the rebrand of the Stripe Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to Stripe Communities! For this project I was assigned to design 3 of the 9 logos. I worked on the East & Southeast Asians (ESEA), Desi, and the Rainbows (LGBTQ) logo.


I was assigned to lay out an interview piece for the publication Increment. I researched different interview layouts and various ways of organizing information.

Belgium Launch Poster

My most fun project was to create a country launch poster. I chose to design one for our Belgium product launch which happened back in 2017. For inspiration, I looked at different aspects of Belgium such as the national flower, colors, monuments, famous features, artists, and so forth.

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